Case Studies

Using easyRe made it possible to increase mobility, efficiency and profitability


A newly established property management organization had been looking for a technology solution to keep pace with the workload as it grew its operations.

There was constant increase in number of units to be managed and the company wanted to:

  • Automate recurring activities
  • Make communication between landlords, tenants and teams quick and smooth
  • Provide more mobility to the field staff in accessing and recording data
  • Manage marketing activities more efficiently to keep growing

The company found easyRe mobile CRM solution perfect for its needs.

The easyRe impact
  • Assigning and scheduling maintenance tasks helped in attending the maintenance requests in time.
  • Setting reminders for recurring maintenance activities made it sure that maintenance teams always finished the tasks on time. 
  • The tenants were able to send maintenance requests from tenant portal, receive updates for request status and receive reminders for upcoming rent dues. This made them feel more connected and their satisfaction level increased.
  • Scheduling and assigning tasks, calls and appointments to the staff and setting reminders helped in increasing their productivity. 
  • Empowered with easyRe mobile app, the staff was able to access and record the data while on field or traveling. This helped in increasing their mobility.
  • Running multiple marketing campaigns and analyzing their results with various reports accelerated the decision making, helped in expanding business operations & make them more profitable.